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Gender, Youth and Social Inclusion

Cui Prodest specializes in empowering women, youth and vulnerable populations to achieve development outcomes.  Cui Prodest works with clients to ensure all development strategies and programs are shaped by gender analysis and establish metrics that measure the gender and social inclusion impact of programs. Cui Prodest staff possess decades of experience in integrating a social inclusion focus into all phases of the development process from project design to implementation to monitoring and evaluation.

Cui Prodest takes a gender transformative approach in our work that addresses the legal and policy environment, social norms and beliefs, access to and control over assets and resources, and patterns of power and decision-making. We examine social systems, community structures and power relations that create, reinforce and perpetuate vulnerability, stereotypes and inequalities to achieve sustainable growth. We adopt a market driven approach that facilitates stakeholder involvement and leverages government and private sector participation to ensure sustainability.  We engage men and boys as key stakeholders and partners, while ensuring that women and girls can meaningfully participate in and benefit from development. Our work mitigates risk and unintended consequences, such as gender-based violence.

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