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Gender, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Building on decades of experience and lessons learned, Cui Prodest helps clients improve lives by advancing equality between men and women and empowering women and girls to fully participate in and benefit from the development of their communities and countries. Our technical experts incorporate current practices  to target and design inclusive policies and programming that reaches all people, regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, poverty or other socio-cultural factors.  

Cui Prodest advises government agencies and the private sector on workforce diversity and inclusion strategies.  Effective diversity and inclusion policies and practices empower all employees to contribute their best.  Diversity in the workforce is not just “nice to have” but essential to making employees feel valued and recognized within the workplace.  Our team has experience in designing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies and providing customized staff trainings to enhance talent, encourage collaboration, foster teamwork and build  high-performance cultures.

Current Activities

USAID/Gender Development Hub: Designed and led the comprehensive portfolio performance mid-term evaluation and evaluations of USAID’s flagship Women’s Economic Empowerment program—the first ever whole-of-government approach to raising the status and importance of closing gender gaps. Assessed 45 global activities designed to accelerate women prospering in the workforce, succeeding as entrepreneurs and enabled in the economy.  The comprehensive performance evaluation team reviewed more than 600 documents, conducted 500 online surveys and key informant interviews, developed six case studies and presented findings and recommendations across 10 bureaus in USAID/Washington and to key stakeholders in 40 countries.

Millennium Challenge Corporation Malawi and East Africa: Provides gender and social inclusion support to the MCC compact development in Malawi and in East Africa, in agriculture, transportation, market linkages, and financial inclusion. Integrates the gender lens into MCC’s Economic Constraints Analysis by adapting the Hausmann, Rodrik, and Velasco (HRV) growth diagnostic to better capture the differential impact of a given constraint on men, women, youth, and vulnerable populations. Co-led the 2020 market mapping and competitive landscape analysis of 40 agricultural firms and cooperatives in Malawi to identify best practices of inclusive economic growth and to estimate the profitability of commercially viable and scalable markets for potential investors. Significant finding that the impact of uncontrolled side-selling and poor transportation reduced the economic impact of MCC’s planned grant/investment facility benefitting female smallholder farmers and producers.  

USAID/India Regional and Bilateral Mission: We supported development of a regional platform for an inclusive digital economy in South Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka), conducted a gender meta-analysis for the Indo-Pacific Strategy, served as gender/social inclusion advisor to the mission, leading training, workshops, program design, PADs, etc. Currently developing bilateral mission-wide Gender Strategy.

Cui Prodest expertise includes:​​

  • Gender Assessments and Analyses 

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DEI)

  • Inclusive Growth and Social Inclusion Analysis and Programming

  • Digital Financial Services and Access to Finance

  • Workforce Development & Human Resource Support

  • Networks and Civil Society Capacity Building

  • Training for Sustainable Economic Opportunities, Women/Social Inclusion Rights, Advocacy/Leadership, Women in Peace, Preventing GBV, Access to Education, Health

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact Investing

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